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Which spa services do I need?

At Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa, you have a wide variety of premium-grade skin care and beauty services at your fingertips. Your dedicated aesthetic expert designs your spa service package based on your needs and your desired outcome. Some of the top-requested services are described below.


All of the indulgent facials offered at Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa are designed with the individual client’s particular skin concerns in mind. Aestheticians tailor the facial experience according to the client's skin type. They perform a range of facial services from soothing treatments for rosacea to clarifying facials with extractions for acne-prone, congested skin. Specialty spa facials are relaxing and leave the skin looking nourished and glowing.


Chemical peels are one of the many ways to reverse the signs of aging, correct brown spots, and stimulate collagen production. At Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa, we offer a range of chemical types and strengths including gentle mandelic acid, 20-70% glycolic acid, and TCA (trichloroacetic acid) chemical peels. Aestheticians are trained to suggest the correct peel based the client’s skin type, prior chemical peel experience, and desired clinical result.


The aesthetic specialists at Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa use premium wax for all waxing services. Whether you need brow shaping, bikini or Brazilian waxing, or a gentleman’s wax — or anything in between — the team as you covered.


Long-lasting brow and lash tinting services can enhance your appearance and cover up any unsightly grays. Your brow and lash shade are tailored to best match your skin tone and natural hair color.


Dermaplaning is a clinical way to exfoliate your skin and remove an entire layer of dull, lackluster skin cells, in addition to peach fuzz, by gently scraping a scalpel blade over your face in swift, precise motions. The beautiful thing about dermaplaning is that you have no downtime: You leave Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa with visibly smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin. Dermaplaning can even help your skin care products absorb more efficiently.

How often do I need spa services?

The team at Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa recommends coming in for your favorite spa service, skin care treatment, or tint service regularly. Depending on your specific treatment plan, it’s generally best to schedule most facial, chemical peel, and dermaplaning treatments every 1-3 months month depending on your treatment plan.

Body waxing can last for 4-6 weeks while brow and lash tinting tend to provide optimal results for up to 3-4 weeks. Your dedicated aesthetic expert lets you know about how often you should be scheduling your specific spa service.

How can I improve my skin at home?

Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa proudly offers a wide variety of clinical-grade skin care solutions to help your luxurious skin care treatment last as long as possible. Your dedicated practitioner helps you select the best possible products for your specific skin needs and counsels you on how to care for your skin at home.

Whether you struggle with age spots, lines and wrinkles, acne, oily skin, or another imperfection, rest assured, the team at Kind Dermatology and Medical Spa offers solutions to help you maintain glowing skin between spa service treatments.

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