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We pride ourselves on collaboration. We have three dermatologists, one plastic surgeon, and two registered aestheticians working together under one roof. We gather each other’s opinions, knowledge, and experience to formulate the best treatment plan for each individual patient. We offer a broad range of medical, surgical, aesthetic, cosmetic and non-surgical services to treat almost all skin needs. We are suited to treat all ages-infants to elderly, all skin tones, and skin ethnicities. Our skin exams feature dermoscopy exam of moles and full-body photography if needed. We are actively involved in continuing medical education and offer access to cutting edge practices, tests, treatments, and referrals to specialty centers if needed. We also work with a team of aestheticians to help you reach your skin care goals. Treatment options feature hand-tailored skin care regimens, facial treatments including extractions and facials, medical-grade chemical peels, laser-treatments, micro-needing treatments, and various injectable therapies. In addition, we have a caring and committed staff.


 Dermoscopy is a magnified light device with polarized light allows the doctor to see structures of pigment not visible to the naked eye. Dermoscopy can help a practitioner decide which nevi (moles) need to be biopsied. Dermoscopy does not replace skin biopsy can when used by an experienced practitioner can be a very effective tool to help diagnose melanoma early.


Do you really need to spend thousands of dollars on skincare? How can you sift through what you need and need to avoid? Dermatologists are professionals in the arena of skincare. They know the purpose of those ingredients on the back of your anti-aging cream and sunscreen bottle. We can give simple pointers like which sunscreen is the best to avoid brown pigmentation and which ingredients are best for anti-aging in someone with red or rosacea-prone skin.
We use a number of non-prescription products in our practice to treat everything from acne to eczema. In fact, we spend time un-training people regarding skincare habits. An obsession with squeaky clean skin results in damaging the natural ‘barrier function’ of the skin. If the skin ‘barrier function’ is impaired, it is less able to trap moisture and more likely to let in allergens and irritants. This lead to a chronic inflammatory state that is at the root conditions like eczema and rosacea. Also, we avoid treating people with long-courses of antibiotics and antimicrobial washes because these things upset the skin’s natural bacteria balance. Our skin has a microbiome or colony of bacterial that are supposed to live in harmony to help protect us from pathologic or harmful bacteria, environmental toxins, and moisture loss. We recommend products that restore this bacterial balance.


The year between 45 and 60 are known as the ‘ageless window.’ This is a period of time where people can appear not to age if they take care of their skin correctly. We know that sun-exposure causes skin cancer, but it also makes people age. Even 5-10 minute blips of sun-exposure or exposure through a window take a toll over time.

We strive to help our patients age naturally by optimizing their skin regimen to prevent further damage and treat previous damage by focusing on products that are appropriate for their skin-type and life-style.
We avoid drastic transformations. We use injectable products sparingly and will often schedule a patient back in 1-week so that we don’t over-do a patient’s neuromodulator or filler. We avoid the ‘frozen,’ ‘Spock-eyebrow,’ and ‘fish-lip’ look. We don’t want to change the way you look. We offer a range of options from anti-oxidant serums to lasers and injections to help you settle into a look that looks more-rested and less-worn.


Not sure if your monthly facial is making your skin better or worse? Our aestheticians custom their facial treatments, extractions, waxing, and derma-planning based on your skin-type and condition. For example, people with rosacea-prone skin can get a facial if they avoid hot steam and irritating exfoliators. Patients with severe acne can get extractions as long as their skin has been soothed with a topical anti-inflammatory for a few days prior. Our medical staff has extensive experience and knowledge in these areas along with the training to accommodate each of your unique aesthetic needs.


Facial Rejuvenation through Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
Minimally invasive procedures are a great alternative to traditional plastic surgery. By utilizing the latest techniques, scarring becomes a thing of the past. Minimally invasive procedures include upper blepharoplasty, Silhouette InstaLift, lip lift and reduction, ear surgery, and earlobe repair surgery, just to name a few. The goal of minimally invasive surgical procedures is to improve the patient’s natural beauty without making it look unnatural.

Phototherapy Q & A
How Does Phototherapy Work?

Phototherapy uses red light to penetrate all layers of the skin. A substance called aminolevulinic acid (ALA) is applied to the skin. This ALA targets pre-cancerous and cancerous cells within the skin. When the red light activates the ALA, it kills the pre-cancerous and cancerous cells within the skin.


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