Micro-Needling: Commonly Asked Questions

Micro-needling treatments are new in the United States. However, micro-needling has been used in Asia and Europe for decades to help with skin rejuvenation. The SkinPen is the latest advancement in micro-needling and has helped this treatment become a replacement for laser, light, and chemical treatments for many people.

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling is a treatment that is minimally invasive and is used to improve the skin’s texture. This treatment is highly recommended for women and men who want their skin to be smooth and have a better overall texture without needing a long period of recovery.

Most micro-needling treatments take around a half an hour. The time needed for the treatment will depend on the area. Along with the face, micro-needling is used for scars, acne scarring, and stretch marks all over the body.

How is Micro-needling performed?

Micro-needling is performed using an electronic device that vibrates 12 tiny surgical-grade needles to produces microscopic punctures in the skin. The skin is first anesthetized with a cream that has to sit on the skin for 30minutes. Then after the skin has been numbed, the cream is removed with a substance that sterilizes the skin to prevent infection. After the skin has been cleaned, then the micro-needling is performed with the electric pen device.

What are the Benefits of Micro Needling?

Micro-needling makes micro-channels in the skin. The making of these micro-channels activates normal wound healing in the layers of the skin. This wound healing leads to tightening and smoothing the texture of the skin. Also, the micro-channels created by micro-needling allow deeper penetration of products put on the skin. During a micro-needling session, the provider will apply a product specific to the skin needs. For example, if micro-needling to correct acne scars, the provider would apply hyaluronic acid stimulating products. If micro-needling to smooth fine line and wrinkles, the provider might apply a growth factor serum after the session. If micro-needling correct skin pigmentation, a provider would apply an agent that stops pigment production in the skin. The provider may recommend that you continue the topical product daily until you next micro-needling session.

Is Micro-needling safe?

Micro-needling is proven to be safe and effective. In people with naturally more pigmentation in their skin such as people of African, Asian, Indian, Latino, or Native American descent, laser treatment can stimulate the production of more pigment leading to darkening of the skin. Micro-needling does not stimulate pigment production because it does not heat the skin or activate pigment production. Thus, micro-needling is a better and safer option than laser and light treatments for skin tightening, acne scar treatment, and skin pigmentation correction in people of color.

Does Micro-needling work?

In a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (August 2016), micro-needling was shown to create micro-channels up to 1.0mm deep. After micro-needling skin, the skin was removed and examined under the microscope. Colored particles put on the skin where seen down in the micro-channels under the microscope. This study proves that micro-needling creates micro-channels and allows particles to penetrate the skin.
This study also proved that micro-needling smooths wrinkles, tightens skin, softens scars, and can stimulate hair growth depending on which product was used during the session. The subjects in the study were treated monthly x 6months and the before & after pictures were compared 1 year later. The benefits were present and appear to be long-lasting.

How often should Micro-Needling be done?

The time between micro-needling treatments will depend on your skin and what you are looking to have treated. Most people require at least 6 micro-needling sessions spaced 3-6weeks apart. People who have mild wrinkles could see improvements after their first session. However, people who have advanced conditions may need more than one session. Most scars will take many sessions to completely remove them.

What should I do After a Micro-Needling Treatment?

The most important thing that you should do after a micro-needling treatment is to avoid going out in the sun. Your skin is going to be sensitive to the UV rays after each treatment for about 48hours. Your skin may look more pink for approximately 48hours. You can apply make-up after 24-48hours to conceal the redness. You should continue to apply a product every 6-8hours for at least 2days after your micro-needling session. It’s best not to plan to travel, expose your skin to direct sun-light, cold, wind, or other harsh elements for at least 48hours. People do not tend to have the peeling, crusting, soreness, or pain that occurs after laser treatment and chemical peels. You may feel like your skin feels tighter after the micro-needling treatment. This tight feeling should not last longer than 48hours.

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