Medlite Laser


What is Medlite Laser Treatment?

The MedLite is a Q-Switched laser that focuses on skin cells with pigmentation. This makes the MedLite the best laser to remove brown spots. Because the MedLite focuses on pigmentation, it can remove brown spots without harming the skin. MedLite is a time-tested laser so it’s safety and efficacy are well known. The MedLite is different that IPL light or other lasers because its effects work longer. IPL light can remove brown spots, but the spots will return. The MedLite removes brown spots and keeps them away.

How Long Does the MedLite Treatment Take?

The MedLite takes 15-30minutes depending on how many sites are being treated. It is safe for the face, chest, hands, arms, and other skin sites.

What Can I Expect During the Medlite Laser Treatment?

You will be asked to wash your face if you are wearing make-up or sunscreen. Then you will put on protective eye-goggles. The laser settings will be adjusted to your skin-tone. The laser feels like a rubber-band snap. Patients describe it like a snapping or tingling sensation. After the treatment, you will apply sunscreen and be given a few post-laser products to protect your skin.

Will the Pigmentation Come Back After The Medlite Laser?

The Medlite Laser treatment is the most effective laser treatment for brown spots. Your physician will ask you to start a skin care regimen before the MedLite procedure to prepare your skin and to continue a skin care regimen to maintain the results of the laser. If you use appropriate sun-protection and maintain the skin care regimen, your brown spots should not come back.

How Can I Make the Medlite Laser Results Last?

The best way to make the Medlite Laser results last is to avoid sun exposure. This means that you need to wear a hat if you are in the direct sun-light and wear sunscreen everyday even if you are not planning on spending time outside. Remember, even if it’s not sunny, you are getting exposure to UVA which is the type of sun-light that penetrates glass and clouds. You will also need to continue the appropriate skin care regimen that may include prescription products such as tretinoin, retinol, hydroquinone, kojic acid, lactic acid, or other ingredients.

Is the Medlite Laser for me?

The Medlite Laser treatment is the most effective laser treatment for brown spots. If you have had problems with scarring and other lasers in the past, the physician may not recommend the Medlite Laser. It’s best to get a consultation before proceeding with The Medlite Laser.


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