What is Latisse?

Latisse is a prescription medication that is used to treat eyelash hypotrichosis. This is a condition that refers to inadequate eyelashes. With this medication, eyelashes become longer and darker.

What Makes Latisse Different?

Latisse is the only FDA-approved product of its kind. It has undergone clinical trials to prove that it stimulates lash growth. Latisse contains powerful ingredients that stimulate blood-flow to the eyelashes so that they can grow. Latisse can be prescribed only by a licensed physician.

How to Apply Latisse

Generally, your prescribing doctor will give you directions on how to use Latisse. Ordinarily, you should apply it once a day at the base of the upper eyelashes. You should remove your contact lenses and wash your face to remove any makeup, before applying Latisse. There is a disinfected applicator included, that is meant to be used only once, before being disposed.

How long does it take for Eyelashes to Grow?

It takes about 4 weeks to start seeing some changes in your eyelashes. However, it will take about 16 weeks for the full results to be achieved.

Can I Alter the Prescribed Dose for Better Results?

No. You should stick to the recommended dose. Latisse is made in such a way that it will work gradually. After you reach the point that you are happy with the amount of your lash growth, you can cut back to maintain the growth.

What is the Effect of Stopping Midway?

If you stop the use of Latisse, your eyelashes will revert to the original color, length, and thickness that they were before you started using Latisse. It is advisable to complete the dosage so you can enjoy the results.

Who Cannot Use Latisse?

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in making Latisse, you should avoid it. Bimatoiprost is the main active ingredient, with the other ingredients including citric acid, dibasic sodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride, and sodium chloride.

For those with elevated intra-ocular pressure or glaucoma, they should avoid using Latisse if they are on medication. If you develop a change of vision, injury, or signs of infection when you start using Latisse, you should consult a doctor, before you can continue with the application.

What are the Latisse Side Effects?

Redness of the eyes is the mild side effect that is reported by about 4% of the users. Some of the other uncommon side effects include irritation of the eyes, dryness, reversible darkening of the eyelids, and rare darkening of the iris among others.

Where to Buy Latisse

We dispense Latisse from our medical office because we are licensed, medical doctors. You can also get Latisse from a pharmacy or any store that deals with prescription medication. You would need to produce a prescription to buy it from a pharmacy. Often, we offer Latisse specials to our patients that are available only to certain prescribing doctors.


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