Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner 2018

Figure 1. Jennifer Garner in 2009

Figure 2. Jennifer Garner 2018

Too much of a good thing.

Jennifer Garner, like many other beautiful celebrities, has tried to maintain her youthful appearance by getting soft tissue filler augmentation. Her photo in 2009 (Figure 1.) illustrates her narrow, delicate face, high cheek bones, and wide eyes. Comparing Figure 1 to Figure 2, her mid face has become wider and her eyes almost look ‘squinty.’  What happened? She has had soft tissue filler augmentation of the cheek bones otherwise know as the zygomatic arches and the tear troughs just below her eyes. This is a strategy to maintain her youthful, ‘heart-shaped’ face. It functions on the premises that the fat pads under our eyes and mid-cheeks sag and deflate with age. But she doesn’t look quite right, why? Too much filler has been placed in her tear troughs (site 1) and medial cheek (site 2) (Figure 3.) with the intention of achieving full correction.

Figure 3. Schematic of possible filler injection

Instead she would achieve a more natural, age-appropriate look by placing more of the filler in the lateral cheek (site 3). By placing filler on top of the lateral edge of the cheek bone (site 3), it works as an anchor from which the rest of the face can be lifted without giving a puffy, bloated appearance. Additionally, you should never achieve full correction, because, when you smile flexing your cheek muscle, you will in inevitably look like a chipmunk. Thus, in summary, soft tissue filler can create a more youthful appearance by restoring the nature ‘heart-shape’ to the face. This is done by injecting filler into the lateral cheek and under correcting. Good luck Jennifer!

Dr. Alexis Dougherty, MD Board Certified Dermatologist Mother Wife Beach volley ball player Runner From Texas Owner & Director of Kind Dermatology & Medical Spa

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